Step by Step Guide To Put Adsense Ads Into Your WordPress Website

Advertisements are a big thing these days. 90% of the sites you go on will have advertisements integrated, and it isn’t a surprise. Advertisements are a way of earning big amounts of money, as you should have known. If you wanted to put advertisements on your wordpress site, I recommend using Google Adsense. However, using Google Adsense isn’t that user-friendly, and there are strict guidelines in which we will explain here. Want to know how to integrate Google Adsense into your wordpress site without being banned? Keep reading.

Keep in mind that you must submit a one-time application form first for your website if you want to go with Google Adsense. The eligibility to participate in Adsense is:

  • You have a website (obviously)
  • You are 18 years or older
  • Your website follows the program policy below
  • In certain countries like China and India, your website must have been active for at least six months. It can be a brand new website if you are in the United States though.


Google Adsense has a strict program policy. There are a lot of rules that you must follow, otherwise you will not be successful. As a company worth a hundred billion dollars, they have the money create complex algorithms to detect any fraud in your advertisement. These are the main ones but more can be found here.

  • Clicks– Google forbids you to click on your own ads or encourage your viewers to click on them. As I said before, google has confidential algorithms that will detect any fraud-so your incognito mode to click on your own ads won’t work. Even encouraging your viewers to click on your ads (for example saying, “please click on this ad to support us!”) is considered a fraud.
  • Copyright– You may not place your ads in posts that contain copyright.
  • Placements– You cannot use popups, emails, and sticky placements for ads.
  • Languages– You may only place ads in supported languages.


Okay, so now that you are aware of the rules, you may start implementing google ads into your site. We recommend using Advanced Ads, which is what we use for BlokkyWeb. It comes with a premium version and a free version, but the free version is already advanced but still maintains the user friendliness. It even has integrated Adsense help, which will set the settings automatically if you use Google Adsense. You can even disable certain ads on a single post and enable certain ads on posts for a specific author. This is can be useful if you let guest bloggers integrate their own Adsense code into their posts, which is what we do. So basically, Advanced Ads is living up to its name- it is advanced even in the free version.

How to Finally Put Ads

Now I assume you have created an adsense account and got verified, and also downloaded the Advanced Ads plugin. Now, you are ready to put ads on your website. Follow these steps:

  1. Log onto your Google Adsense account
  2. In the widgets section on the left, go to My ads > contents > ad units
  3. On the top left (but on the right of the widget), press the button that says +New ad unit
  4. Put in your settings. Responsive means that it will automatically choose the best size for you depending on the device. For the ad type, we recommend choosing Text & display ads since that generates the most income and it looks the best
  5. Press save and get code, and then copy the code (we will paste it later)
  6. Go to your wordpress admin dashboard, and on the left dashboard go to Advanced Ads > Ads
  7. Press New Ad on the top
  8. Enter your title (I recommend the title be the size so it is easier to remember what’s what)
  9. Bubble Adsense ad and press next
  10. Click on the box that says Copy & Paste existing ad code, and then paste the code that you copied earlier into the popup, and then press get details
  11. Fill in any missing settings, and press next, and then press next again
  12. If you want to show ads on certain pages, then click on the “New Conditions” dropdown menu. It should be pretty self explanatory. Now press next
  13. If you want to show ads on either logged in users or only mobile devices, then press the “choose a condition” dropdown menu. Again, it should be pretty self explanatory. Now press save
  14. Choose where you want to display the ad
  15. If you chose your ad to display in the widget area, then on the left admin dashboard go to appearance > widgets. You should see a box that says Advanced ads. Drag it over to the widget box and press save

Now, your ad should be live. If this is your first time integrating Google Adsense into your website, then be patient. Sometimes it takes a couple hours or a day to show up.

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Christopher Chang is the founder of BlokkyWeb and content writer and main designer for BlokkyWeb.
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Christopher Chang is the founder of BlokkyWeb and content writer and main designer for BlokkyWeb.

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