5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea

Being the most widely drank beverage, it is no surprise that tea is the most common drink as well. Chances are that you are that you have it in your household- 80% to be precise. But of course, stating that a beverage is the most common drink is rather meaningless. What is meaningful, though, is if it is healthy.

1. Protection Against Cancer

Green tea contains a petrochemical called epigallocatechin-3-gallete (also known as EGCG). The National Cancer Institute states that EGCG helps prevent cancer. Based on the American Cancer Society, it has been linked to reduced cancer risks in animal studies.

This antioxidant-packed drink protects you from free radicals. Experts say that this radical damage can cause cancer.

2. Tea Reduces Risks of Death

The European Society of Cardiology says that regular tea consumers had a reduced risk of non-cardiovascular death by 24%.

3. Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that people who were given tea had a reduced stress level by 4%. When volunteers were placed in an experiment, those who were given the drink had a 25% decreased anxiety level than those who weren’t when placed in a stressful moment. They even reported feeling calm after drinking it.


4. Boost Performance

Although not all studies say so, some studies have shown that green tea boosts metabolic rate. It has also shown to let muscles use fat as a source of energy and boosts endurance.

5. Become Happier

In a study of Japanese adults, people who drank a descent amount of tea everyday were 44% less likely to have depression.

So… Now What?

Okay, so now you know that tea is extremely beneficial. Now you have all the reasons to drink tea. However, don’t overdo it. Researchers recommend 4-5 cups a day for caffeinated tea, while you can drink more for non-caffeinated ones.

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Christopher Chang is the founder of BlokkyWeb and content writer and main designer for BlokkyWeb.

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