Best Export Settings For Adobe Premiere Pro For Youtube (Maximum Quality)

Adobe premiere pro may look technically challenging at first, but it really isn’t. Especially the export settings, this is when many beginner will get confused. Adobe Premiere has many export settings and millions of combinations, which is where most beginners will get stuck at.

For a software that is $240 a year, you would expect something this advanced. However, there is nothing to fear, as we will take you through the settings to ensure that your 1080p video gets the best export settings for Youtube. Please note that this tutorial will give you the highest quality settings, but with a long export time. If you value quality over export time, then this tutorial is for you.

For this tutorial, we will use the video and settings that we used for our youtube video “5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast Everyday.”


First, before we do any exporting, we must first render it. It makes sure that everything exports smoothly and it is essential for exporting HD quality videos. If you see that green bar in your sequence on the bottom right, then that means it is already rendered. However, if you see a red bar, that means you didn’t render it yet. To render, you can just hit enter and it will start rendering.

Export Settings

Alright, now that we rendered our video, we can finally start exporting it. The settings that we will show you is for the maximum quality for youtube videos. To export it, go to file>Export>Media.

  1. Under Format, change it to H.264

2. Under Presets, scroll down until you see HD 1080p 29.97

3. Go to the video tab, and then scroll down until you see Render at Maximum Depth. Check that box.

4. In the same tab, scroll down a little more and find the Bitrate Encoding. Use the VBR, 2 pass one.

5. Go down and check the Use Maximum Render Quality box. Now, we can press Export to start exporting. 

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Christopher Chang is the founder of BlokkyWeb and content writer and main designer for BlokkyWeb.

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