5 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

An average high school student in America get 3-4 hours of homework a day. A study from Stanford University says that giving students more than 2 hours of homework a night is not beneficial and is counterproductive.

If you ask any student what they think of homework, chances are that they will prefer to get rid of it. While you can think that having the extra homework leads to more practice, which leads to being more academically successful, it is just not the case. Having all this redundancy actually negatively impacts students, science says. One of the main reasons why Finland has 95% graduation rate (about 10% higher than the US) is because students in Finland rarely get any homework.

1. Wasted Time

Homework is a road bump when it comes to doing athletics and hobbies. Having excessive amounts can leave no room for family time and hobbies, preventing students to become more balanced.

The assumption that homework leads to better academic success is misleading. There is actually very little evidence proving that homework gives students any benefits.

2. Homework causes stress

Starting from about 3rd grade, stress is already present due to homework. During a study, researchers found that elementary students gets 3 times the recommended amount of homework a night based on the National Education Association and the National PTA. An average high school student gets almost 2 times the recommended amount. The majority of American students even says that homework is the main source of stress.

3. It is unhealthy

A study found that students who spend a lot of time on homework have a decreased health value. Students have said that homework causes lack of sleep and headaches. A typical high school student would get about 7 hours a sleep each night, 3 hours less than the recommended 9 hours.

4. It is not fun

Many students have reported in hating going to school primarily due to the excessive amounts of homework. Homework is associated with punishment, as many teachers sometimes say something like “Do that again and you will have double homework tonight!” Clearly, homework is not meant for students to enjoy.

5. Teachers are assigning the wrong types of homework

Now don’t get me wrong, homework some academic benefits- so little to be neglected, that is. However, homework can be used for students’ enjoyment. Teachers often value quantity over quality of their homework, which explains why students get a lot more homework than necessary. Remember that homework assignment where you had to hand-write a chapter of your textbook a night verbatim? Yeah… not fun.

During a study, researchers found that teachers who are more experienced tends to give out less homework but upgrading its quality. New teachers, though, often assign countless amounts of homework each night, and all this redundancy really harms students.


While homework has such little benefits that it might as well be neglected, it can’t compare with the harm it causes to students. Perhaps one day homework will be a thing of the past, and students will have more time to do extra-curricular activities like playing an instrument and doing sports.

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Christopher Chang is the founder of BlokkyWeb and content writer and main designer for BlokkyWeb.

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